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Zijn stille nachttransporten de weg voorwaarts?

Zijn stille nachttransporten de weg voorwaarts?

It is usually forbidden for trucks to drive through the center of Stockholm at night – they are too noisy. That means that heavy vehicles ultimately contribute to the morning backup in the rush to get deliveries where they need to be.

Stockholm, however, is looking for a test project for ‘night transport’. They join forces with Scania, the city of Stockholm uses silent electric vehicles for deliveries in the middle of the night.

The test uses a Scania-rechargeable hybrid truck powered by electricity and the fossil-free biodiesel HVO. Equipped with geofencing technology, the connected truck adapts its speed and driving style to the environment.

The hybrid truck can drive silently for up to 10 km, delivers goods for McDonald’s on virtually empty streets and is seen as a step towards more sustainable supply chains.

The movement of the truck is converted to electricity every time the brakes are used, and with charging stations near one of the fast food restaurants, the truck can be charged during loading and unloading.

On longer routes, the truck can run its internal combustion engine on HVO, which means a 90% reduction in emissions. When it enters the built-up area, it automatically switches to silent.

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