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Vrachtwagenchauffeur stopt op hol geslagen vrachtwagen

Vrachtwagenchauffeur stopt op hol geslagen vrachtwagen

A German truck driver is praised as a hero after he jumped into a moving truck combination after his driver collapsed and died behind the wheel.

He managed to stop the vehicle before it caused an accident or injured someone.

The 40-tonne vehicle scraped along a guard rail on the central reservation on the A1 motorway when it was noticed by truck drivers. They quickly took action and worked as a team to stop the runaway truck. While some formed a slow moving shield to prevent other vehicles from passing by, a truck driver tried to board the moving vehicle without a driver.

The truck driver jumped from the bumper of a police onto the truck, broke the window and took control of the vehicle.

Rescue teams were unable to resuscitate the driver or the vehicle.

Could you keep a cool head in a similar situation?

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