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Uber Freight richt zijn blik op Europa

Uber Freight richt zijn blik op Europa

The launch of Uber Freight in Europe has generally been positively received. The ever-increasing driver shortage is not disappearing – it is only getting worse – and the lack of drivers is reaching a critical point.

Uber Freight was launched in the US two years ago and the company believes that many of the problems in the United States also occur in the European market.

Data from Uber Freight suggest that the European freight transport marketing of € 354 billion is in third place only for the US and China. Yet 21% of the kilometers traveled by trucks are empty trailers.

With an aging workforce and many drivers planning to retire in the coming years, Uber Freight could offer a solution for shippers and reduce the impact of fewer drivers.

From the Uber Freight point of view, 85% of the total carrier companies in the EU are small and medium-sized companies. And this group has the biggest problem connecting to larger shippers. As a result, the price of goods goes up.

Europe, get ready. Uber Freight is coming to a city near you.

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