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Stimuleren van de connectiviteit van het wegvervoer in de EU

Stimuleren van de connectiviteit van het wegvervoer in de EU

20 years ago, nobody thought the idea of ​​having vehicles communicate with each other.

These days it is not such a crazy idea.

There are plans to improve digital connectivity on European roads. In other words, vehicles can communicate with each other, other road users and road signs.

This means that vehicles – and more importantly their drivers – are aware of dangerous situations on the road, roadworks and the timing of traffic lights.

These new rules are part of a plan to update the European transport sector – and will help the EU achieve its goal of eliminating road deaths and serious injuries by 2050.

Starting this year, vehicles, traffic signs and highways will be equipped with the technology to send messages to road users. This means that truck manufacturers, carriers and others can now start throughout Europe with large-scale deployment or C-ITS services.

Safer roads, fewer traffic jams – some technology is a good thing.


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