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Lange afstandscamera kan bestuurders op 1 km afstand betrappen

Lange afstandscamera kan bestuurders op 1 km afstand betrappen

It is a familiar sight: drivers who drive too fast on the highway and put on their brakes when they see a police car.

But a new long-range camera that is being tested by the police in the UK can mean that bad drivers can’t get away with it.

The new super camera (also known as the ‘long’ ranger) can detect traffic violations of up to a kilometer away.

In the first month 1,293 drivers were caught for speeding, while 32 were caught with a cell phone behind the wheel or bumper sticking.

In addition, it led to 12 vehicles being taken, 52 drivers being warned, one positive breath test, one positive drug test and a seizure of weapons.

The camera can now be rolled out in the UK and also used in other European countries.

A study found that 52% of British drivers supported the use of long-distance cameras. 28% were against and 13% were undecided.

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