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Hoe je geld op je roetfilter (DPF) kunt besparen

Hoe je geld op je roetfilter (DPF) kunt besparen

Diesel engines are responsible for almost half of all nitrogen oxide emissions and two-thirds of all particle emissions. Yet diesel vehicles are still of vital importance for most types of transport. Fortunately, there is a way to minimize the impact on the environment without having to dispose of your diesel truck.

The answer lies in a soot filter (DPF), a small device that sits in the exhaust and removes 85 to 98% of all bad particles. Although DPFs are mandatory in many cases, some fleets opt to remove them because of the high replacement costs. We are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that expensive because you don’t have to replace your DPF at all.

How you can know that you need a new DPF

Here are some of the possible signs that you should look at your DPF:

  • The DPF warning light is on
  • Your vehicle is in home delivery mode
  • Frequent attempts at DPF regeneration fail
  • A strong smell of diesel
  • Your vehicle smokes very badly
  • Your oil level is increasing
  • High fuel consumption

Regardless of the symptoms after approximately 128,000 kilometers, your DPF is approaching the end of its life.

What if you don’t have to replace your DPF?

There is actually no reason to replace your existing DPF. Via services such as the DPF Cleaning Center you can have your DPF cleaned for a fraction of the price of a new DPF. In short, you recycle your DPF.

The FH2 cleaner from the DPF Center can clean any brand and configuration of DPF without having to cut, modify or weld. It does this simply by connecting the correct adapter.

How does this cleaning work?

The DPF is first removed from the vehicle. Secondly, the flow rate is tested. Thirdly, the machine pumps high pressure (recycled) water mixed with hydrocarbon at a speed of 160 liters via the DPF, assisted with air blasts at 4 bar. This completely removes soot and ash from the filter. The process is repeated in both ways to ensure that the filter is completely clean.

The result is a DPF in almost original condition, almost 100% clean and ready for a new life.

“There are other DPF solutions on the market, but none with the success rate of our FH2 machine. You have to take into account checkout costs, long-term effectiveness and the guarantees offered.” Tim McGing, DPF Cleaning Center

Are you interested in having your DPF cleaned for a fraction of the cost of a new one? We have a special offer for Fleet Speak readers. When booking your next service, call Fleet Speak and receive an 10% discount!

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