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Handleiding voor het herprofileren van vrachtwagenbanden

Handleiding voor het herprofileren van vrachtwagenbanden

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The combination of regular maintenance, proper use and durable casings means that truck tires last longer and can have a longer life. 

Re-profiling is the cutting of rubber in the grooves of a tire to create extra tread depth and to extend the life of the tire. By renewing and re-profiling truck tires, your company can benefit from lower operating costs, because truck tires can last longer. If done correctly …

Here is a short guide to what is involved in tire re-profiling:

  • Only fully trained operators who use certified re-profiling tools with electrically heated blades may re-profile truck tires
  •  Under no circumstances should a tire be re-profiled if it is not marked as ‘re-profiling’ in the sidewall area. At Apollo, all TBR tires are marked as re-profiling, but bear in mind that this is not the case for every brand.
  • Re-profiling the tires must usually be done on the entire tread. However, if a tire is worn out abnormally, it may be possible that only that section can be re-profiled where sufficient of the original groove is visible
  • Re-profiling is done on both new and renewed tires and means that the tread is cut deeper than the original mold groove depth.
  • It is a legal requirement that re-profiling must follow the pattern specified by the manufacturer. Truck tires must always be re-profiled according to the patterns, depths and widths set out in the brand’s technical data guidelines
  • To prevent damage to the upper belt, it is essential that the minimum depth of the remaining rubber rubber is 3 mm 
  • The remaining groove depth must be measured at the lowest point of the tread depth
  • Use extra caution when selecting tires for re-profiling: if the tread area is badly damaged, then tires must be replaced instead of re-profiled
  • After re-profiling, check the tire for defects. Make sure that the belts under the tread are not exposed during the re-profiling. If the tire cords are exposed as a result of reapplying the tire, the tire is considered illegal and must be taken out of service

Contact the experts at Apollo Tires for more information about when and how a truck tire can be re-profiled by a professional.

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