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5 redenen waarom vrachtwagenchauffeurs met hun baan stoppen

5 redenen waarom vrachtwagenchauffeurs met hun baan stoppen

The transport sector has a problem. Well, it has many problems, but in this article we are talking about early departure.

Research by Stay Metrics teaches us that 35% of drivers come with their dismissal within 90 days of their start. Not ideal. Researchers discovered that age had nothing to do with it, but that it had to do with the feeling of drivers compared to their recruiters and coordinators.

Surprisingly, drivers who stop after a few months recommend the company to drivers other than those who stay with a company for a year or more.

Let’s look at some of the other reasons why drivers decide that they have had enough of their job as a truck driver. Why do truck drivers stop?

  1. Poor wage

At the top of the list – no surprises here – the wages and benefits for a truck driver. Most drivers have quit their jobs to look for a better wage. What is the best paying job as a truck driver? Forgive me, that is clearly a trick question.

  1. Time away from home

Another big one – the amount of time drivers spend on the road and away from their friends and family. This is such a high priority that we believe that while money is a motivating factor to leave, more people end up quitting because they want more time at home.

  1. Clash with supervisors

As the saying goes: people leave people, not companies. If a driver does not get along well with his manager, this does not lead to good working conditions. If a company can foster good relationships between drivers and their supervisors, then drivers often get stuck.

  1. Problems with schedules

If drivers are not deployed or planned as they would like, this may lead them to look for another job. This is easy to solve with the right technology, this can streamline the process and make everyone happier.

  1. Unfair wage

Yes, we are back at the wages. This time it is about when drivers are not paid for waiting time or other duties. The more often it happens, the more frustrated a driver gets and will eventually stop. What do truck drivers want? To be treated fairly, it is not too much to ask …

There are of course many reasons why truck drivers stop. Retirement, a change of pace or health reasons are just a few that are not included in the list above. These are all issues that companies looking for drivers have to deal with.

There are many good things about a career in freight transport. But sometimes, when the bad outweighs the good, there is one option left. A move to a new meadow.

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