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4 stadslegendes in de wereld van vrachtvervoer

4 stadslegendes in de wereld van vrachtvervoer

The average truck driver travels many kilometers in the course of his career. And driving on lonely roads means that they can find themselves in a number of strange situations. However, you can’t help but wonder if some of the more eerie situations you’re hearing about are actually less fact and more fiction.

It goes without saying that when you are driving late at night for a longer period of time, your mind may be troubling you. Is that why urban legends have always been so important in freight transport? Maybe it’s just because truck drivers like to tell (and hear) a good story. 

Whether you think they’re super creepy or just the products of an overactive imagination, here are four city legends about trucks that you wish you’d never heard of …

  1. The black dog

One of the scary stories about trucks is the legend of the black dog. You know, when a truck driver sees a ghostly black dog running to his or her vehicle, you have to worry. The ghost appearance leaves the driver away from the road or traffic, resulting in the death of the driver or someone else. The myth was made popular with the Patrick Swayze film, Black Dog .

  1. Great light, great horror

Another classic urban legend for trucks – the female driver who is followed by a truck driver late at night. The truck driver keeps turning on and off his high beam, keeping her in sight and following her at every turn and every red light. This of course makes the woman even more frightened. Eventually she leaves at a gas station and runs inside. The driver follows her inside and explains that a murderer wielding a knife was sitting in her back seat. Every time he lifted his knife, the driver flashed, making him go down again.

  1. Ghost lifter

One of the oldest truck legends that is and will remain is the story of the disappearing hitchhiker. So the story goes that a figure on the side of the road raises his thumb to get a lift from a truck driver. He then drives in the truck, often in total silence, before he disappears completely into nothing. Where did he go …? 

  1. Underground tunnels

Have you ever heard of the legendary network of underground tunnels that is only used by truck drivers? This underground secret society consists of truck drivers, shippers and perhaps the lost coordinator. It’s a great idea – if only it were true. Although traffic jams may not be a problem, the lack of natural light can become a bit too much.

So there you have it, four of the best urban legends about trucks. Are there any others that you would like to add to the list?

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