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£ 1.000 voor een luchtverfrisser? Ehhh….

£ 1.000 voor een luchtverfrisser? Ehhh….

How many or do you have an air freshener hanging on the rearview mirror or your cabin? Or maybe you are more of a human in front or a downy who?

If you work as a truck driver in the UK, a dangling air freshener may give you a fine of £ 1,000 and three points on your driver’s license.

New police action in the UK means that everything from dirty windscreens to poorly placed navigation systems and downy can obstruct the driver’s view of the road.

Drivers caught with an offensive item can be £ 100 on the spot. However, even if the fine is avoided, insurers can refuse to pay if the driver is involved in an accident and they decide that their eyesight is hampered by such items. If the case comes to court, the fine may be as high as £ 1,000. Ouch!

It is not illegal in the UK to have a dirty windshield or a large air freshener. However, according to the British Highway Code and Road Traffic Act, drivers break the law if their view of the road is restricted in any way.

UK traffic law states: “No one may drive a motor vehicle on a road or allow another person to drive if it is in a position that it cannot control the vehicle or has a full view of the road and traffic ahead has.”

Rebecca Ashton, head of the driving behavior of the British road safety organization IAM RoadSmart, said: “Missing something because something is obstructing your view can be extremely dangerous, good driving entails exceptional observation skills, if you see things early, you can anticipate things and plan how to handle hazards.

And have you heard about the driver who was disgraced by social security in Hampshire? after he had caused a collision? The car was so messy that the driver could not apply the parking brake while parking and prevent the car from rolling into another car.

If the police decide that a car or truck cab is too messy to be driven safely, they can impose a £ 60 fine. What would happen if a police officer now looked in your cabin?

Most truck drivers are proud of their cabins and keep them spik and span. But we have all seen cabins that need a little TLC. It may be time to tidy up your cabin quickly and maybe think twice before hanging those pair or dice on the rearview mirror. 

It’s just an idea …

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